Welcome to PDSCapital

PDSCapital specializes in facilitating the management and disposition of bank-owned real estate notes and assets.

Asset Management

Utilizing PDSCapital’s asset management services allows banks to streamline the process of determining the appropriate course of action for their off-market notes and assets. PDSCapital’s asset management team, which consists of real estate brokers, attorneys, and former bank regulators, is dedicated to providing banks with detailed, transparent analytics and variable options. This comprehensive approach provides banks with the tools necessary to properly evaluate each asset individually and arrive at an exit strategy that is appropriate and expedient.

Off-Market Asset Disposition Using CRE Xchange

For banks that want an efficient, confidential approach to allocating their off-market notes and assets, PDSCapital offers the CRE Xchange platform. In the CRE Xchange platform, information regarding the asset will be circulated only to registered CRE Xchange members who have expressed an interest in acquiring that type of asset.

Off-Market Asset Disposition Using CRE BidX

To allow banks to reach a wider audience when disposing of off-market notes and assets, PDSCapital offers the CRE BidX platform. On the CRE BidX platform, a masked description of the asset is posted on the PDS Capital website and any registered PDSCapital member has the opportunity to submit a bid on the asset. This platform is ideal for banks that are under consent orders.

Become a Member

Both the CRE Xchange and CREBidx programs require a potential buyer to register to become a member. Due diligence documents regarding an asset will only be released with the bank’s permission.

To become a member for CRE Xchange or CRE BidX, please visit the registration page.