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PDS Capital specializes in facilitating capital for real estate development projects hotels, retail centers, multi-family, office, special development projects. PDS Capital has recently added commercial solar funding for roof-tops, canopies and farm programs. Our capital models can extended up to 90% – 95% 0f the capital stack to support development projects. Projects must be reviewed by our underwriting team to determine actual percentage of funding. Please email details to:

Hospitality & Commercial Group Manager:   vinesh@pdscapital.com

Multi-Family & Commercial Group Manager: david@pdscapital.com


Capital/Equity for Real Estate Development Projects

PDS Capital has a wide audience for private equity, mezzanine debt and family office investments. The best way to better understand if our team can assist in providing capital for hotels, retail, mix used, multi-family, school’s and Solar projects is to please email your request to greg@pdscapital.com.  Please outline the detail points and capital sought. Please include your phone number so that we may respond to your request.


Capital & Asset Management

Utilizing PDS Capital’s asset management services allows banks to streamline the process of determining the appropriate course of action for their off-market notes and assets. PDS Capital’s asset management team consists of  family offices, funding groups, hedge funds and various real estate professionals such as attorneys and brokers., This comprehensive approach provides an opportunity for both parties to quickly evaluate each asset and determine a strategy that is appropriate and expedient.

Off-Market Assets CRE Xchange – PDS Capital

PDS Capital offers the CRE Xchange platform. In the CRE Xchange platform, information regarding the asset will be circulated only to registered CRE Xchange members who have expressed an interest in acquiring that type of asset.

Become a Member

Both the CRE Xchange and CREBidx programs require a potential buyer to register to become a member. Due diligence documents regarding an asset will only be released with the bank’s permission.

To become a member for CRE Xchange or CRE BidX, please visit the registration page.

The Team

Asset Management Team

Mr. David Delany
Hospitality & Multi-Family & Commercial Group Manager: david@pdscapital.com

Gregorio Irving
Real Estate Development & Equity
Capital Projects
949.303.3145 office

Email: Greg@PDSCapital.com